If on this planet
The secret of life had never been born
If evolution hadn't yielded humanity
If the Trojans had refused to accept
The gift of Greeks
And Brutus hadn't joined the conspiracy
To kill Caesar
If Pilate hadn't condemned Christ
And Henry the Eighth wasn't taken with Ann Boleyn
If the Church hadn't burned Giordano Bruno
And the sword of Laertes wasn't poisoned
If Columbus hadn't searched for India in the west
And de Grouchy's army wasn't late at Waterloo
If Hitler never had his crazy ideas
And communism had never become a suicidal monster
If men hadn't destroyed the planet on which they live
And nations were never divided
By religion, ethnicity and money
If you hadn't said "yes" to me
On that blessed early day
All in this world would have changed
And someone else
Different from me
Would be singing this song