From the side of the world


From the side of the world where I come from
When people are hungry
They say let's eat bread
They honor their friends at the head of the table
Betraying them when they need to

If they love you
Never be sure it will last
If they hate you
Only the grave is your salvation
If they don't kill you when you openly blame them
Then can always wait until your back is turned

They never want to see you
Become better than them
And their own freedom
Is another's slavery

They love beauty
But seek it only for themselves
Even when it isn't theirs
They work harder abroad
Than in their own country
Drinking and smoking
Slicing and dicing everything
In erudite speech

Every morning they create gods
And destroy them in the evening
And what beautiful dreams
They have for their children

With a single shout
You can make them follow you
They'll flash you the victory sign
And bring you down suddenly
No one wants to be a simple soldier
In an all-commander army

Their sadness
is the muezzin's call at sunset
Their happiness
a church bell shining on Sunday
They don't understand
Why they feel that way
They see life as trouble
And living like a heavy burden
But their lyrics are unlimited
Their crazy bravery has a touch of fear
And each of them has a touch of genius

From that side of the world I come from
Men arrived late
To tame the animals that lived among them