the dispositional axis of thought breaks through parallel
worlds –fried sticks of onion in spiral shaping served cold

Thanks God it’s Friday–
it leaves displayed all the circumstances in which it has been
involved and caught in its filament (filament again or clue?)
it becomes independent•
the most interesting joke is this distance between conception
– contingency that expands with analytic bridges
o ludwig ludwig oh ooh oooh
that e x p a n d s ho ho ho

–sorry but what else can be done, this free besieged
atavistic mind– ooooooooomonobloc!!!

humbugging for a counterpoint!

in a way proportional those voids that say “full of sense”

–a sachet that flies and flies (American beauty)

or when control and reason were lost (genuinely only
without reason) –
that step onto invisible rules of the motif art

they do not exist but for their void itself
and their acoustic opposite tone tous tous
within limits of a “pre-established” harmony



The poems möbius, 0→1, ♪, O2 belong to poetry collection Bella Boom (Publibook 2011) and have also been published in Hellenica: Novelty Within or Beyond Language: Anthology of Young Greek Poets, (Athens: Gavriilidis, 2009)