I want to listen to the questions that mind sets in the most lucid way
To discern a subject who controls its routes
Who is keyed up for the plan of such routes
Who lays traps inside the coulisses of its questions
Face to such psychologies is being a series of images
Or, at least this way the man in charge of assembling then claims
While the spool unwind, while the cart runs faster than the carter
And we heard of the disappointment of grand narratives
So on, we have learn that words can not replace numbers
There, too, a party has been taken place coming from past
Whereas the cipher analogies, the alike distances, the distances in general
              (Αre we sure that 1 is far off from 2 as much as 2 from 3 ?)
What have they taught us about this flow that we consider as flow
Once again, beside this, we don’t know where ideas are settled while we saw the massive graves
What does humanism mean ? And what is nature’s opinion for this term
For all these depressing idiosyncrasies nothing else left but some ants
And for all these ants lots have been written, that means have been point to
Who knows what things appear while they are blended in this field
And, of course, there is evolution
Nevertheless, not of  the successful responding to the application but of its wording
Nevertheless, unfortunately it stands this:
Evolution does exist
Not only of the wording  but of the very application indeed.