Black Tulip


The train stunk from children urine, the wet obsolete clothes
the old men tang – “what kind of ringing was that?”. Nobody do not know
why this expulsion now, the time that everything has finished
and men possible could be identified as humans,
before eyeballs get into their sockets again, why this naming
to a gesture that pass under currently not deceit but deception
“Accept, taking  this black tulip the seeds of all scenarios,
the blooming of a limited part of an emaciated future»
when posterity will share the guiltiness of idealistic stupidity with materialistic strategems
“Each German has the right to carry one suitcase up to 50 kilos and 100 guilders”
I am not descendant of no particular practice beside some incomplete premises
“ The lack of humor was the root of this totalitarian regime”
The lesson lays as a consignment, in every day exchange,
in the pontoon market of canal Singel, next to thousand colorful bulbs
there on the stalls are being delineated the symbols of love and shame
“Keep warm next to your pillow the possibility
But at the same time keep taking away the withered peels and insipid language games
Replace nouns with verbs, instead of another “impatience” “I’m waiting for you”
And as much exact as can be like “I’m thinking of you” not “I’m dreaming you”
For time is not merely limited but linguistic
and in this language I’m not ready yet”
On September the 15th, 1946, at 3 a.m. right in the middle of a bright light
orders reflected the properties of crystal
Within one hour all the enemies of the nation, according to the Black Tulip plan
should be ready under the threshold of their homes
Lorries would drive them in concentration points and in central platform
In the same quarter a little far away at n. 19 of a no name street there was an inscription
          Vita hominis similis navigante
Otherwise, someone thought inversed that aforism
          People’s trips look like life
Obviously, it didn’t always happened like this
Once, this as Tulip noir worthed 100.000 guilters ( !7th c.Harlem, Holland)
It would have been up to someone like Witt making it flourish in his land
And a Rosa set him trammel his chains
« While there is no depth get into this surface and decipher it
There is left no patience to cultivate that tulip in my garden
There is nothing left but its symbolism that bears and that one I deliver it to you.”