A Non-Sense Adieu ?


What is Visby*  without a V
Without a b
Just an isy way to be
Nothing matters either

What is Visby without la vie
Without to be
Just an S in Baltic Sea
Just an S without the Ex
All the rest and all the Pre

What is Visby before me
Just a Visby vis-à-vis
That goes by
If not Me

What will Visby tend to be
Just a thought a priori
That exists before I see
As the Beauty in you and me

No please,
other sweetie words for me
Other sweaty ways to be
It will slip as memory

This land brings me
Back to see
Everywhere berry-tea
“So cool contitori!”

You have to choose category
To be in you
Or you in me
Not just “to be or not to be”

I am diluted in the sea
If not now in a short time
I´ll be a memento mori in eternity
I love you and there is no way to be
You in you and me in me


*Visby is the capital city of the swedish island Gotland in Baltic sea.