mr. archie[1] passed through north carolina with a trombone
improvising; along the way he formed a band

what is the meaning of adjectives
if not the assault on meaning by means of sound?

descriptions of obsolete emotions: poetry

whatsatstakeisthisss : the wagtail’s ssslithering
(which is non existent: the wagtail neither wags its tail nor slithers)

taken further the analogy between one oxymoron and another:
as an instrument to investigate the future:

a nice bench with an ancestor on it sitting cross-legged

– what is he doing?
– he’s eating popcorn in anticipation! poetry

starts: after crushing the yin-yang medallion
while a russian roulette of bitter seeds keeps turning!

(on his knees) please: no more moving speeches
no more: light eyes blue body blood:

a form of resistance to the sickly sweet connotations of words

which topali strikes down: the sparkling firework of noble breed
elytis – elytis paaa! tsaaa!

(indeed, how is the import checked of non inductive reasoning
when the monitoring is done by boxes

within boxes in the depths of the mental landscape?)

what if everything has been shifted from drama →irony and vice versa
the lightheadedness remains caused by the possibility of non-existence

and the deep in breaths, the attributes of the catalyst
which dislodges all humid constants while it becomes plain

whatever is there for one spark and one alone …due to lack of oxygen

imaginary life is bound
and interrogated for red blood cells and premeditation

a thought below a compound of gasses was a newsworthy item
and the I …a doupt that is out of breath

[1] Archie Randolph Ammons (1926 – 2001), american poet.



The poems möbius, 0→1, ♪,  O2 belong to poetry collection Bella Boom (Publibook 2011) and have also been published in Hellenica: Novelty Within or Beyond Language: Anthology of Young Greek Poets, (Athens: Gavriilidis, 2009)