Who Talks about melancholy


the one
who pounced on the lips of books
on waters of the black canals
and on museum gates

[ – How’re you doing, how’s everything?
(with a voice a few tones lower)
– Well, ok,
– You don’t seem quite well, what’s going on?
(with a voice after introspection)
– It may be depression.
– Because you came back?
(with a voice with no expression
or the usual irony
– No, Ι can’t spot it, no reason…]

the one
who got up five o’clock in the morning
to read Kopland?
or not
the one
who got up; so, since he got up
why not read Kopland?
the one
who got up without any thoughts, only
anxious to hold onto something?

“Garbage has to be the poem of our time”
but garbage in the Hague is not visible

Caws, iodine, humidity,
ocean and further down: urban culture

Acceleration de tous les sens
(that’s what he wished for)

Theory M came – and to explain ourselves
(that’s what he did not wish for)

Baaden-Bit could be
but it was nothing but a cheap/pricey λύσις

Τemporary toulips


λύσις /liּsis/ [greek] solution


[Published in greek in poetry journal Poiisi / Poetry in June 2005]