The end of the masked ball


When you get crushed by:
shopping malls
funeral homes
daycares cemeteries
flower shops people shop windows
gipsy slums credit cards
maternity wards people
traffic alarm clocks
people children furniture showrooms
people people people
cities traffic-lights mailboxes
newspapers parks commercials
churches people birthdays the internet
zoos banks hypermarkets
people make-up package tours

into the heart’s chambers you’ll pack all that sorrows
the whole lot of it
and giddyup you’ll trot off all alone
known to strangers
a stranger to your next
dumb as a mule
rump as a stump
you’ll stir up all those despairs
you’ll jam them into your spurs
you’ll saddle your anger
there it is neighing in the pen all these years
you’ll mount it
feed it with splinters of your rage
with slivers of fears
you’ll hug that monster
you’ll tug at the reins all alone
you’ll knock it down raving
peel off his mask
and crush it with the truth
since enough indeed
it thudded upon you