Let’s go out to the field

            where blood is drizzling sizzling

                        on the snow white bright

                                   on the snow glassy glossy


blood hurries and scurries

                        the throat hisses

                                   the hand misses

blood is leaking

            the hand is seeking

                        the nails are scratching

            the brain is retching

the soul is oozing

            the eyes are snoozing


the nerve winced

            the meat is minced


We are slaughtering us lively:

he killed my brother and father

i killed rather his mother

he killed my cattle in one rattle

he jibed with my tribe

with his name i did the same

he followed the taints

and cursed my saints


Drill to kill

                        kill and thrill

                                               murder further

                                                                       slay and flay

                                                                                               cherish to perish


By hook or by crook

an eye for an I

shove the dove

leave the olive

and thou shalt

       thou shalt

       thou shalt

thou shalt shovel thy neighbour

as thyself