Death and Malevolence


Luscious somnolence is summoning me,
The doors of perception lie ajar.
Villainies of this bedlam now seem,
A delirium I've been living in,
Death ! O Death ! Thou art bewitching...
The harbingers of this malicious night,
The spangled sky is bleary,
Clouds that speak of thunder,
And wrath, obscure my vision,
That which lies latent,
In the labyrinths of the unperceived...
Sibilance in my ears, I shall cease to exist,
After many a blots and shots down my wrist.
To pleasant reveries I'm drifting,
Whimsical are they who beckon,
It 'seemeth', what is in Death,
Is not in this Life for evermore,
So I implore thee, O Mortality !
Consume me, let me mortify !
Why should this mortal fear Death ?
There's no reason, for tout le monde,
Is marching towards the grave,
Let no requiems be sung,
Slash I those very veins,
That which carry my cerise warmth,
And this warmth, my bestowal upon thee,
For the respite, I vagary,
As this vessel  fades into oblivion,
Fathomable ? Not that I know,
Thy grim countenance is in sight,
Blissfully I embrace thee...