The City


The city is old, wet and gray.
The city is blooming with faces.
The city is an umbrella
We use once, then discard

In favor of another umbrella,
Another city !  Oh city, how you
Laugh and play with the others,
And when you are drawn to

Scale, you wink and wink and
Can't stop winking!  City,
A snake slithers under you,
A rat, a cat and an alligator.

You put each of these on a long
Leash and go for a walk by
Yourself.  It is on this walk you
Remember something about

Happiness.  The happiness is
Yours, ours and everyone’s who
Crosses your sallow borders.
Your life is our life, and you do

Something like weep, but really,
It is only your music in the rain.