Yes, these are graves,
life that ended in certainty.

Deep in the ground relatives and companions
among the roots permeating everywhere.
Marl powder, red black and good soil.
The dust.

It is the flame of olive oil
resembling hundred years' old light,
in metal candle lanterns.

Marble stone with arabic numerals,
cyrillic letters.

Bindweed, dandelion
and houseleek, the cactus of our climate...

Aster flowers and other species
various colours of petals, the scentes...

Crosswords made of names, surnames and years
silver and golden lichen cover the inscriptions.

The garden;
ever-flickering flame in an oil lamp...
the newspaper under it,
world news,
from which time and eternity...

where senator's death is of same relevance
as RED HAVEN peaches
or JOHN DEERE company's crumpled ad.


Translated by Ivana Maksić