Darija Žilić


Darija Žilić was born in Zagreb (Croatia) in 1972. She has studied comparative literature and history in the University of Zagreb.

Poet, literary critic, translator, moderator, one of the editors of literary journal Tema, member of Croatian writers society.

Her books: Breasts and strawberries, (poetry) 2005., To Write in Milk: Essays on Contemporary Poetry (2008), Muse outside Ghetto: Essays on Contemporary Literature

( 2012.)- „Julije Benešić“award for the best book in critic in Croatia in 2012

Nomads and hybrids: Essays on Contemporary Literature and Film ( 2010.), Parallel Gardens: Interviews with Theorists, Writers and Activists (2010.), Tropics: Critics about Contemporary Poetry (2011.), Dance, Modesty, Dance (2010), (poetry)- award Kiklop for the best poetry book in 2010. in Croatia, Omara. Prose, (2012.)

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