Gerry van der Linden


Gerry van der Linden‘s (1952, Eindhoven, The Netherlands) first poetrybook The Note was published in 1978. The critics wrote: young, fresh poetry with a vunerable, philosophical touch. Overwhelmed by the attention she left for the USA and started living and working in New York and San Francisco for four years. She translated and read her poetry with Alan Ginsberg at the Stanford University, California, in 1979. Her second poetrybook came out in 1990;  Fall on the edge and contains intriging poetry of life and death in a sharp, passionate, though playfull language. She is also a prose writer. In 1992 she wrote her first novella Envelop and in 1995 the novel Wind, a coming to age novel which startled the critics by its unusual structure, a life story written in different style’s of prose and poetry. Nowadays she’s working on new poetry that will be published in 2014.


Publications: 9 poetrybooks, 3 novels

1978 poetry: The Note, 1990 poetry Fall on the edge, 1992 novella: Envelop,
1993 poetry: At my hand of feathers, 1995 novel: Wind, 1997 poetry: Sandglass, 1999 poetry tale/with cd: The girl Lila and the Signs of Time, 2000 novel: Dagger, 2001 poetry: Way out, 2004 poetry: Good people, 2007 poetry: Coat of glass. (nominated for the Brabant Price of Literature, Brabantse Prijs der Letteren 2009), 2012 Poetry What happiness.

Gerry van der Linden was for three years a member of the board of the Dutch PEN (international organization of Poets, Essaysists, Novelists), teaches Poetry and Creative Writing at the illustrious Amsterdam School of Writing and is a personal coach/mentor for upcoming poets and writers. She also works as a visual artist, makes collages and creates installations of left over material.

She is a welcome guest on international poetry meetings. Therefore her literary work is translated into English, German, French, Turkish, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Slovenian and Indonesian language. She is a respected, well-known poet and novelist in and out of Holland. Website