Jelena Radovanović

I was born in Serbia in 1972 and have been living in Germany since 2002. I graduated at the Anglistics Department of Belgrade University and also studied English Literature at the University of Brunswick, Germany. I have been working as an English trainer at language institutes in Brunswick and have been translating prose and poetry for various literature magazines in my home country.

So far I have published three books of poetry in Serbian, my mother tongue:



  • Povremeni prekidi sa zujanjem, Gradska bibilioteka „Vladislav Petković Dis“, Čačak, 2000.
  • Sitne iznutrice, Brankovo kolo, Sremski Karlovci, 2002.
  • Džibra, Brankovo kolo, Sremski Karlovci, 2006.
  • Otvoreni prelomi, currently in print


The book titles translate into English as: Occasional Interruptions with Buzzing, Petty Innards, Husks and Open Fractures, respectively. The books won two national prizes for poetry and two first prizes for poetry written in English by a non-native speaker at the annual university competition in Brunswick, Germany.