Marija Midžović

Marija Midzovic (1960. Belgrade, Serbia) published two books of poetry "Belgradska sirotica" (Gradac, 1997.) and "Poludragi" (Gradac, 2010.) Contributor in anthology of modern Serbian poetry "Cats don't go to heaven", (B92; 1998.) Anthology of the contemporary Serbian poetry 1988-2008."From museum of sounds", ( VBZ, Zagreb, 2009) ; Anthology of a Serbian love poetry,( Zillion, 2012.Beograd). Poetry also contributed in Polish Anthology of Contemporary Literature in : Polish Quarterly Pobocza NR : 26-29 and Slovenian representation of modern Serbian poetry, in Slovenian monthly literary Apokalipsa, issue 91/92, Slovenia.

Her entire poetic opus so far counts not more then 50 poems and almost each of her poems ended up in an anthology.

She has been journalist/editor of book section for almost 3 decades . Chairwoman of Journalistic Society of Cultural Columnists 1994-2002. A member of Serbian Writers Association (SKD) since 2000. Editor-in-chief Literary magazine, run by Serbian writer's asc.(SKD) 2009-2010. As an editor and author completed publication on doping as cultural and sport phenomena (publisher Anti-doping agency of Republic of Serbia, 2009).

Marija Midzovic also writes prose. Contributor Nova Srpska OFF i SF prica, anthology of contemporary Serbian science-fiction prose ,Alexandria press, Belgrade.2000.

Her collection of short stories "How to find, survive and get rid of a NATO boyfriend" will be published soon in Serbian.

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