Rossella Pompeo

Rossella Pompeo is a poetess and writer who lives in Rome and collaborates with several publishing houses. Since her childhood, she was interested in french culture having been brought up by her mother together with a half english and half french father, from whom she inherited her passion for the French language. So she has spent most of her summer vacations and Christmas time in Amiens in northern France and Brighton.

Graduating from Rome’s University "La Sapienza”, she studied at “Université Libre de Bruxelles” and also achieved a masters degree in film script and direction at the “Libera Università del Cinema” of Rome.

She has published three collections of poems: “The things behind the wall", (Manni, 2006), “Gentle noise”, (Prospettiva, 2008) and “Silent waitings”. In 2009 she was a finalist in the Jacquès Prévert prize, and with her collection of short stories: “Rome is like Asmara” (Zona, 2009) was selected by RCS Libri as best debutant writer. During her study of direction she dramatized and directed the short film: "Ancient hands", which was taken from her short story of the same name in the collection: "Rome is like Asmara", during which time she met the director Bogdan Dreyer Dumitresku who asked to her to edit the poetic adaptation and the film script translation from Italian to French of his forthcoming movie with Gérard Depardieu and Harvey Keitel.

Living in San Lorenzo's district, Rossella has felt in 2010 the necessity to do something for people, above all students, who live there to oppose the increasing deterioration. So, she has conceived and organized the theatrical workshop: "The body on stage", the aim of which was to provide the students with a key to search for their real self through a new knowledge of their body with the help of bioenergetics and poetry.

In 2013 she has conceived and organized the poetical workshop: "Poetry like a street to the Volturno crossroad"


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