signal (polskie radio 3)


arrest anyone who exists.
resistance painted black
Brygada blue star
on red/white railroad on
marital church/state vow

the reception was hideous

martial law ringing from
ice cream van parody
Jonathan Richman never
did it like this cold war
flake out boy under wheel

czekamy czekamy

Tomasz speaks in
Thames/Wisła estuary.
He’s tired already.
no future milk bottle basics.
McLaren’s Chelsea showroom.

strange is this world

Science/culture high-rise
concrete lego palace
a record needle that
scratches the sky
acoustic security loopholes

my street is in the heart of the city

Punk in a Warsaw apartment
plant pot guitars
bigos pan amps ring
16 men to a cell
roll ups 1.5 inches

famous, idolized paupers

Jarocin yearning
secret police punk streams
solidarity into
Slavic consciousness
curtains are opened

black shades are raised