Just there where a reptile and an eagle crossed their paths

Retaining loyalty both to baseness and pride

A new class will be born. Not to think of people

Is not a course nowadays: it is a beautiful day devoid of night

Where darkness does not enter not even for the sex of opposites.

Dark shadows and stains are yet visible in it

Resembling the traces of body upon which the day resides 

Even when contact with the spiritual has already been established.


An ostrich wakes before dawn to learn the name of the ghost

Given to him through letters. He does not contemplate thirst

For he is not able to think.He does not even think of hunger

As he cannot even do that. He is the primordial beast

Eager to read with his body, eager to write with his body,

Eager to be postmodern. He is a brat of despair—

How is he going to become a professor ? —

For he contains something deep within,

Already agreed upon by the reptile and the eagle.


This is this new class,our contemporary reader who,

By  the nature of things, also hides an author within.

He just approaches reception, whispers his number and his name.

Than he enters eternity which is his true domain.


Translated from Serbian by Nina Živančević